Bridge Type Selection

The bridge type selection process concluded July 14, 2009 with the Governor announcing the selected bridge type, Basket-Handle Tied Arch, for Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. The selection took into account public input, cost and engineering feasibility. The selection ended a process that began in the summer of 2007.

The bridge type selection process engaged the community and the Citizen?s Advisory Committee by providing them the opportunity to offer comments to the characteristics of each bridge type presented at each round. Round 1 was the development of 25 concepts that included arch, girder, truss and cable stay bridge types. Round 2 incorporated the input received from round 1 to develop 9 alternatives of the four aforementioned bridge types. Round 3 then advanced four alternatives for final input. The four alternatives included three cable stay bridges and a girder bridge. Due to funding issues, KYTC decided that the cable stay options were not viable options anymore. It was requested that the Project Team incorporate two additional lower cost alternatives and reducing the bridge typical section, but still maintain four travel lanes. The alternatives integrated into the mix were both tied arch bridges.

Bridge Selection Type Chart

Selected Bridge Type Design for Bridges over Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley

There are no other bridges in Kentucky like this, just as there is no other place in Kentucky like the Land Between the Lakes," Gov. Beshear, July 14, 2009

Watch Video of the Governor's Announcement.

Animation of the Selected Bridge Type

Renderings of the KY Lake Bridge Type

Renderings of the Lake Barkley Bridge Type

Pedestrian Railing Panels